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Design Concepts for Creating a Custom Designed Website

Many factors go into creating a website design for each individual.

We actually get our initial web design concepts from you. You are the expert on your business. Don’t worry if you are not sure what you want. Through our consultation we can help you to discover a pattern of your likes and dislikes for the look and feel of your website.

We take your inspired ideas, interpret them to our design team, and create a website that will surpass your expectations.

High Performance Websites believes in strong communication with our clients. We must first learn the client’s goals before we can try to meet and exceed them. We do ask lots of questions. Client communication, combined with our highly skilled team, helps us to build you a successful website.

Here is how our custom website design process flows:

You will be assigned a project manager that will work with you to develope your website from start to finish.

Your project manger will contact you for a convenient time to give an initial interview to gather as much information as possible (you may be given some "home work").

Once the first interview has been completed, and information is collected, the project manager will get together with the team of web designers to come up with a web design customized for you and or your business.

This is where the fun begins....

Your project manager will present you with design ideas and will work with you to perfect your website's look.

The project manager will then return to the design team with any final changes needed. This is the time we will need a final approval on the look and feel of the website...colors, shapes logos, navigation, images text area etc..

The project manager then turns the design over to the tech, who cuts the site (ask your project manager to explain), and adds codes, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and your content as well as any software agreed on such as a content management system, online shopping cart, or an application program. This process timing depends on how well you have done your "home work". You supply all content and images. Remember, you are the expert on your business. We do help with some image collecting and/or editing web content if requested, for an extra fee. At this time, turn around time is client dependent.

Once all content is added, you get to give us any final changes and then... (This is the exciting part) you give your final approval to make the site go live!

Wait...that’s not all! You also get 15 minutes of free changes for the next two months. No this won't include major changes like "Take out this page and add this one" (though we can do it for an additional fee). This is for website content you may want to add or may have changed your mind on. We also submit your site to the many search engines and help you monitor traffic and consult you on ways to increase traffic. Your relationship with us does not have to end here. We know that getting your site live is only the beginning and it is good to have content change periodically on your site. We will still be available to make any web content editing or additions you may want to make on your site monthly or whenever you need it, for a very fair fee.

Remember we want your website to be a success because we do care (and yes, it makes us look good when we help you to succeed).