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Content Management Systems - CMS

High Performance Websites builds content management systems (CMS) that not only store and organize your data but also gives you the ability to add, remove and modify content on your website.

A content management system (CMS) is a good solution for a website that may be more complex, have many pages and /or needing frequent content changes. A content management system is an excellent choice when the website needs to perform many different functions. A great example of a content management system is martawiley.com. Marta came to us wanting a website that would organize and showcase her many different works of art, from her many paintings to her music. She also wanted to use her site to inform her fans of her news and updates and stay active with her social media. She is able to upload new content, videos, images, songs, and other products any time she wants, on her own. Of course we are always here for backup or changes if she needs it. This website was built to grow with her many artistic avenues. This website is truly customized to show her professional, corporate side with her paintings and a twist for the music section of the site to appeal to her music fans as well. Marta loves that this CMS website was customized to her unique identity and is easy for her to manage. We give complete training with our CMS websites to make sure the client fully understands the back-end of the website.